• A gif of jumping worms popping their heads out of holes in the ground. Revenge of the Earthworms - A gardener’s best friend? Think again. How invasive earthworms are wreaking havoc on our ecosystems by Moira Donovan

Amazon Canada and The Walrus are pleased to announce that this year’s winner of the Amazon Canada First Novel Award is Pik-Shuen Fung for Ghost Forest.

Learn more about the winning novel and the entire shortlist.


Cover of the June issue of The Walrus magazine.

Inside the July/August 2022 issue of The Walrus

Our Summer Reading double issue, featuring fiction from Ian Williams, Sarah Totton, and Jay Teitel and poetry from Rhiannon Ng Cheng Hin, Susan Musgrave, and Terese Mason Pierre.

The Surprising Appeal of Winnipeg’s Garbage Hill


Activism is changing the strategies of how many media organizations tell their stories: from the Black Lives Matter movement to Asian Heritage Month to #MeToo. But according to Camille Dundas it hasn’t been a perfect trajectory – reporting on the changing social and political landscape takes skill, and sometimes learning from mistakes in real-time.

Tajja Isen, the former digital editor of thewalrus.ca, now editor-in-chief at Catapult magazine, talks about her new book, Some of my Best Friends: Essays on Lip Service. It’s an essay collection about race, justice, and the limits of good intentions.

The oil and gas industry is under pressure to accelerate towards a decarbonized future. These efforts require bold and courageous leadership. Who better to change an oil and gas company from the inside out than its first Chief Climate Officer, Martha Hall Findlay.


  • Black and white portrait of James Langer superimposed on an orange background. New Adventures in Hi-Fi - No bread crumbs left to return us, but diversions / Lobbed beyond a blind hill into the unforeseeable by James Langer


  • An illustration of a man watching as a city is engulfed by a giant wave. The Wave - I have already determined exactly where the wave will hit and at what time by Rawi Hage