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The road to sustainable futures, cities, and industry

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The road to sustainable futures, cities, and industry

As the world shifts toward cleaner and more efficient energy solutions, understanding electrification is no longer a choice but a necessity. When we think of electrification in the modern age, our minds immediately go to electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, and even centralized heating. But electricity has the potential to impact many more corners of society, some that we may not have even considered.

At The Walrus Talks It’s Electric, Canada’s leading researchers, engineers, environmental scientists, energy policy experts, technology leaders, and journalists will open our eyes to the future of electrification and the ways it can enhance our lives. The discussion will explore the progress and potential of advanced energy storage, smart grids, the electrification of transportation, and the industrial and social implications of an equitable transition to a decarbonized future.

Join us for an electrifying conversation that sparks curiosity, ignites change, and illuminates the path toward a brighter, sustainable future.

Photos of Daniel Breton, Phil De Luna, Chris Henderson, Emma Jarratt, Nick Martin, Aphrodite Salas, Dr. Karim Zaghib

Featuring seven-minute talks by:

  • Daniel Breton, President and CEO, Electric Mobility Canada
  • Phil De Luna, Chief Carbon Scientist and Head of Engineering, Deep Sky
  • Chris Henderson, Founding Executive Director, Indigenous Clean Energy
  • Emma Jarratt, Executive Editor, Electric Autonomy
  • Nick Martin, Director of Electrification, The Transition Accelerator
  • Aphrodite Salas, Journalist and Professor, Concordia University
  • Dr. Karim Zaghib, CEO, Volt-Age, and Professor, Chemicals and Materials Engineering, Concordia University

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