Special Series

The End: How We Die Now

Today’s end-of-life landscape looks nothing like it did in past generations. As legislation, science, and attitudes change, The Walrus explores what it means to die well

Sex Ed: Beyond the Classroom

For this special web series, The Walrus spoke with teens, parents, and educators nationwide, on what we get wrong—and right—about gender, intimacy, desire, and consent
* This series won GOLD at the 2019 Digital Publishing Awards for Best Digital Editorial Package *

Opioids: A Public Health Crisis

In Canada, sixteen people are hospitalized every day from opioid poisoning on average. Last year, there were nearly 4,000 opioid-related deaths across the country. In this special web series, The Walrus delves into the stories behind these statistics to look at the lives of those affected by these drugs, the devastating effects of the crisis, and what can be done—today and in the future—to address it

The 49% Newsletter

The 49% is a newsletter that signal boosts unheard narratives, including: award-winning podcast producers who are disabled, Indigenous entrepreneurs, writers and artists, innovators and thinkers who are people of colour, members of the LGBTQ2 community writing the best scripts out there, women leading in technology and more.

Year in Action

We shine a spotlight on 2018’s most change-making conversations, with coverage of everything from LGBTQ and Indigenous rights to the environment, mental health, and more.
women with hair that look like strands of text

The Beauty Conversation

As our exterior lives continue to dominate our interior selves, writers, designers, and multimedia artists at The Walrus consider how we disrupt, define, and ultimately celebrate what we see in the mirror.

Dirty Money: Seven Cases of Global Corruption

From kickback schemes to corporate funding of terror groups, this partnership between The Walrus and the Global Reporting Centre exposes those who’ve profited from others’ misery.