Special Series

For the Love of the Game

Fans watch games religiously. They buy overpriced tickets and cram into arenas to support perpetual losers. They’re willing to suffer through decades of disappointment because those rare moments of triumph—the perfect shot, the impossible save, the long-awaited championship victory—make it all worthwhile. In a new series on sports fandom, updated each week leading to the 2021 Summer Olympics, The Walrus explores the ecstasy, the agony, and the complex motivations behind why we cheer.

Living Rooms
The transformations in where and how we live, exploring the meaning of home and how we relate to the spaces around us.

In Other Worlds: A Space Exploration
The stars are closer to home than we think

Terra Cognita
The Indigenous stories we would rather be telling

Common Ground: Power, polarization and the future of democracy
As Canada prepares for its next federal election, The Walrus answers an urgent question: How healthy is our democracy? This special series investigates what’s working, what’s under threat, and what’s broken.

Dirty Money: Seven Cases of Global Corruption
From kickback schemes to corporate funding of terror groups, this partnership between The Walrus and the Global Reporting Centre exposes those who’ve profited from others’ misery.

women with hair that look like strands of text

The Beauty Conversation
As our exterior lives continue to dominate our interior selves, writers, designers, and multimedia artists at The Walrus consider how we disrupt, define, and ultimately celebrate what we see in the mirror.

The End: How We Die Now
Today’s end-of-life landscape looks nothing like it did in past generations. As legislation, science, and attitudes change, The Walrus explores what it means to die well

Sex Ed: Beyond the Classroom
For this special web series, The Walrus spoke with teens, parents, and educators nationwide, on what we get wrong—and right—about gender, intimacy, desire, and consent
* This series won GOLD at the 2019 Digital Publishing Awards for Best Digital Editorial Package *

Opioids: A Public Health Crisis
In Canada, sixteen people are hospitalized every day from opioid poisoning on average. Last year, there were nearly 4,000 opioid-related deaths across the country. In this special web series, The Walrus delves into the stories behind these statistics to look at the lives of those affected by these drugs, the devastating effects of the crisis, and what can be done—today and in the future—to address it