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The Walrus Podcasts are an extension of our award-winning storytelling, so whether it’s a look at those moments that change your life forever, an analysis of our unique political system, or a trip to one of the most amazing locations in Canada, The Walrus Podcasts have your ears covered.

The Deep Dive

The Deep Dive is a weekly podcast that goes deeper into everything we’re working on at The Walrus. Tune in to hear from writers, Talkers, illustrators, editors, and other contributors to all the things we create.

The Conversation Piece

Need something new to talk about? Subscribe to the podcast that challenges the way you see everything with speakers from The Walrus Talks.
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Let’s Talk About the Internet

Let’s Talk About the Internet is a conversation about the future of the Internet in Canada. Through discussions with experts and thought leaders, Mohit Rajhans explores the complex issues that are impacting the digital lives of Canadians today and solutions for the challenges that lie ahead.

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What Do We Do Tomorrow?
6 Degrees

The world is facing urgent, complicated problems. It has become clear in this generation-defining moment that to make the changes we need, we will have to use every tool at our disposal. But it’s not a time to be overwhelmed. We need to face these issues head-on. So let’s keep the question simple: What do we do tomorrow? Join host Hannah Sung and 6 Degrees as she asks this question to people with big ideas so bold, well, they just might work.

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Shaw Communications

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians have relied on digital networks to meet their essential needs, stay close to family and friends, work from home, and keep businesses of all sizes operating. Host Takara Small speaks to experts about what we need to do to ensure that all Canadians have the connectivity they need to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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What About Water?
Global Institute for Water Security

How does a scientist who studies water by day sleep at night? Not well. As drought and flooding get more extreme, the head of the Global Institute for Water Security is looking for answers from around the world. Join host Jay Famiglietti as he and his colleagues meet people tackling our world’s water woes. Presented by the GIWS at the University of Saskatchewan and produced by The Walrus Lab.

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Courage Inc.

On Courage Incorporated, a new podcast in collaboration with The Walrus Lab, host Duncan Sinclair speaks with the top business leaders across Canada tasked with directing the future of their industries and, in turn, the courage of our nation.

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