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Pivot with Noah Richler


Author and cultural critic Noah Richler hosts a podcast about people who are fighting their way back from the edge—their battles, their triumphs, and the pivotal turning points in their journeys. From war photographers on the frontlines of war to novelists battling the “sophomore curse,” the thread that ties these diverse people together is the existence of a watershed moment that changed their stories—and their lives.



Episode 1: Front lines

Louie Palu is an award−winning photographer who stretched the boundaries of his emotional and mental capacities covering the war in Afghanistan. He came back a different man—which, as his friend and fellow journalist Christie Blatchford describes, is a common experience in their profession. Author and doctor Vincent Lam adds the heft of his medical knowledge to the conversation, and Benjamin Hertwig reads his poetry about coming back from war.

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Episode 2: The Fall

Forget everything you think you know about Tom Mulcair. The former leader of the New Democratic Party sat with Noah to talk about what happened after the 2015 federal election, when he had to shake hands with the victor across the aisle. What is the role of the leader after the fall? Plus, Patti LaBoucane-Benson reflects on the larger theme of leadership through Indigenous models of apprenticeship, with leaders and elders.

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Episode 3: The Athletes

Coming soon - a feature interview with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.