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Illustration by Jesse Jacobs
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Lost in the Barrens

Looking for Newfoundland in England’s West Country


Red Dog

They have been buying Christmas presents in Brighton, where everything glitters and somewhere is the sea

Illustration by Jesse Jacobs
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Party Lines
Art by Ethan Rilly

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#33: “Light It Up and Boom”

“Smoking for fifty years is extreme. For me, [quitting] required an extreme response.” Author Lynn Cunningham relives her personal experience of intensive rehab for smokers


The Walrus Blog

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The Governor General’s Literary Awards

Canada Council for the Arts

2014 Winners at The Walrus

The Walrus Foundation joins the Canada Council for the Arts in celebrating the finalists for the 2014 Governor General’s Literary Awards. The winners were announced on November 18, 2014

Walrus Ebooks

The Performing Arts in Canada

The Performing Arts in Canada: A Celebration

Showcasing all recipients from twenty-two years of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards in broadcasting, classical music, dance, film, popular music, and theatre

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