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A Feast of Ideas

Scientists break bread and convention at a unique island research station

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Moby Doll

How a bungled hunt turned killer whales into star attractions—and launched the modern conservation movement

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Down the Rabbit Hole

In his circus of a studio, Jon Rafman makes the virtual world physical

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Party Lines
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#32: The Expos Are Dead; Long Live the Expos

“I hate to be pessimistic about the chances of the Expos coming back to Montreal, because nothing would make me happier. I would walk up barefoot to get to the stadium for opening day.” Adam Gopnik recalls his young love of baseball’s Montreal Expos—and contemplates the team’s rumoured return


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The Performing Arts in Canada

The Performing Arts in Canada: A Celebration

Showcasing all recipients from twenty-two years of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards in broadcasting, classical music, dance, film, popular music, and theatre

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