Careers & Fellowships

Executive Director

This is a unique opportunity to lead one of Canada’s iconic cultural brands that impacts, influences, and inspires the Canadian conversation. You are a natural entrepreneur who possesses strong strategic skills and instincts: the passion, eloquence, and energy to inspire support for The Walrus.

You are driven to imagine and deliver new lines of business, partnerships, and revenue opportunities, and you will grow The Walrus brand with the addition of new and exciting ventures while ensuring financial sustainability.


• Responsible for all charitable, not-for-profit national foundation programs and activities—including all journalism and content platforms—mobile, digital, print, live; public and private events; training programs, client services, events, fundraising, government and corporate relations, donor stewardship, retention, renewal, and acquisition; production and circulation; marketing and brand; communications and strategy.
• Responsible for CRA compliance and all financial and other reporting regarding charitable status.
• Responsible for staying within educational mandate guidelines for all activities.
• Ensures editorial independence on all platforms at all times.
• Clear understanding of the independence and ethics of the journalism of The Walrus, and ability to work with and support the Executive Editor to ensure that independence.
• Fosters entrepreneurial spirit organization-wide.
• Provide forums for the Canadian conversation and a place for diverse perspectives.
• Responsible for entrepreneurial spirit and results from work for outside clients (The Walrus Lab).


• Responsible for the commercial success of the organization—including earned revenue and philanthropic revenue of approximately $6.5 million.
• Responsible for the overall financial stability and sustainability of the not-for-profit organization.
• Sets annual revenue goals and objectives and strategies to meet those goals.
• Responsible for development and execution of the annual budget, including all activities and departments: all expenses, publishing scope, platforms including print, digital, mobile.
• Secures and stewards major sponsors, partners, donors, and funders.

Board Governance & Committees

• Report directly to the Board Chair/full Board or designate. Six board meetings per year.
• Works with the Board and committees to ensure best practices are followed.
• Provides strategic and administrative support to the Board of Directors, its committees (including Risk, Nominating and Governance, Revenue Opportunities, Finance Audit).
• Communicates to and with the National Advisory Council and the Educational Review Committee.


• Recruits, retains and leads the senior management team and direct reports.
• Retains, recruits and works closely with the Executive Editor. Ensures all content remains within the stated guardrails of The Walrus brand.
• Responsible for the ownership and oversight of the strategic plan, the objectives and goals of the organization, and the team and individual objectives.
• Works within the strategic goals of the organization and ensures operations are aligned.
• Provides oversight for human resource planning, performance development and management.
• Leads a team of 30 employees to support the unified vision and shared goals of The Walrus.
• Organizes and leads regular all-staff meetings and employee engagement such as the annual employee survey.

Brand / External Communications

• Ensures stewardship of The Walrus brand and values and ensures brand integrity to the entire audience, including: readers, donors, attendees, supporters, contributors, sponsors, and advisers. The Walrus,, The Walrus Talks, The Walrus Leadership Dinners, The Walrus Books, The Walrus Podcast, The Walrus Gala.
• Acts as one of the primary public faces of the organization with sponsors, donors, funders, and audience.
• Creates and maintains relationships with all external stakeholders.
• Responsible for external marketing of all things Walrus and for public relations and media relations.
• Involved in external Walrus events (approx. 30 annually), an annual gala, and other fundraising activities.
• Attends external events as a representative of and spokesperson for the foundation.

Candidate Qualifications

• At least five years’ experience in a leadership role for a not-for-profit, media or cultural organization, or other relevant experience.
• Demonstrated track record in revenue generation.
• Proven ability and enthusiastic willingness to fundraise and develop significant sponsorships and partnerships.
• Experienced in creating and delivering a strategic plan.
• Passionate about the educational mandate and the mission.
• An awareness of all brands within the master brand: The Walrus, The Walrus Talks, The Walrus Leadership Dinners, The Walrus Books, The Walrus Gala, The Walrus Podcast,, and The Walrus Lab.
• Experience in reporting to and working with a not-for-profit board is an asset.
• Brings a passion and belief in Canada, its regions, nations, peoples, politics, geography, and issues.
• Knowledge and understanding of digital media.
• Effective budgeting and cost management skills.
• Ability to prioritize objectives and meet numerous simultaneous demands.
• Bilingualism/ability to speak and write in French is an asset.
• An undergraduate degree is a minimum requirement.

Candidate Attributes

• A business- and media-savvy entrepreneur.
• Aligned with the mission, mandate, and values of The Walrus.
• A strategic thinker who can put plans into action.
• Articulate, curious, and knowledgeable.
• Well-informed and well-read. Forward-thinking.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills—in written, verbal, and digital.
• Possesses high-level critical judgement and politically astute.
• Financially literate and resourceful.
• A high-energy, hardworking self-starter.
• Exceptional, strategic, creative, out-of-the-box thinker.
• A fearless relationship-builder.
• A team builder with a commitment to work collaboratively and in strategic partnerships.
• Open-minded, nonpartisan and able to weigh issues with objectivity and from diverse points of view.
• Ability to raise the visibility of the organization, develop projects and partnerships.
• Accountable with a strong sense of professionalism and integrity.


A competitive compensation package including base salary and benefits will be provided.

Please submit your application by end of day September 30th, 2019, by emailing your cover letter and résumé to


The Walrus is an equal-opportunity employer and committed to fair and accessible employment practices.
We thank applicants for their interest, however; only those advancing in the process will be contacted.