Animated cover of the September/October issue of The Walrus titled 'No Place to Live'.

Inside the September/October 2022 issue of The Walrus

The crisis in public housing, the neuroscience behind our love for pumpkin spice, the future of Quebec sovereignty, and what Canada can learn from the UK about cutting emissions.


Toufah Jallow, is an anti-rape activist who spoke at Concordia presents, The Walrus Talks: What’s Next? In Ottawa.

Tajja Isen, the former digital editor of, now editor-in-chief at Catapult magazine, talks about her new book, Some of my Best Friends: Essays on Lip Service. It’s an essay collection about race, justice, and the limits of good intentions.

The oil and gas industry is under pressure to accelerate towards a decarbonized future. These efforts require bold and courageous leadership. Who better to change an oil and gas company from the inside out than its first Chief Climate Officer, Martha Hall Findlay.


  • Photo of poet Terese Mason Pierre Brink - the moon in your chest squeezing / salt water down your untouched flesh by Terese Mason Pierre


  • A man and woman walk down an empty street with houses on either side and the ocean behind them The Click - Sometimes we look younger than we are, sometimes much older, depending on how we’ve chosen to live with what we’ve seen by Sarah Totton