• Photo of Bertrand Bickersteth Woody Strode, Black Cowboy - If you act like a nobody, / you are a nobody. The actor / Woody Strode wasn’t / just any nobody. by Bertrand Bickersteth


The Walrus' January/February 2022 cover featuring an image of a dark room with a desk and a window looking out at a snowy night with someone looking up at the stars

Inside the January/February 2022 issue of The Walrus

COVID-19 Brings the Importance of Indoor Air Quality to the Forefront, The Rings of Power Has a Troll Problem, Going to Afghanistan, and more.

Pierre Poilievre: The Secret to His Success

Our Tote Bags, Ourselves


Our host Sophie Heringa speaks to Alisha Arora, who is in the process of pioneering an A.I. program that detects suicidal ideation on social media with M.I.T. Arora shares the story of the events that led her to such an idea.

André Picard, is a health reporter and author who started us off on this audio journey, with his talk on the epidemic of loneliness, so it only felt appropriate to hand the mic back for the final episode of season 3, because this has been quite a time to be a health reporter, and Picard is one of this country’s best.

In our first-ever documentary “Submerged”, we hear the different ways Indigenous communities bear the brunt of mega hydroelectric projects. What happens when land is flooded, waterways diverted, and dangerous neurotoxins like methylmercury are released?


  • Julie Mannell. A Love Poem for Steven Page - I’ve had others. I could be what’s been done, / I could be your Yoko—I hated you on MTV—Ono. by Julie Mannell


  • The Money - Ever since childhood, words would desert Helen when she got angry—if she felt any kind of strong emotion, really by Lynn Coady