• An illustration of parents and kids looking up at outlines of people floating in the sky with different pride flag colours. Kids Deserve a New Gender Paradigm - For youth, transitioning is often seen as a point of no return. What if we view gender as something that evolves over a lifetime? by Kai Cheng Thom



In August 1972, Ugandan President Idi Amin announced that all residents of Asian descent had to leave the country within 90 days. The expulsion impacted over 50,000 people — many of whom had ties to East Africa for several generations. Canada played a crucial role in helping resettle over 7,000 Ugandan asylum seekers. In this episode, we’ll hear from two people who were resettled in Canada following the expulsion order: historian and anthropologist Zulfikar Hirji, and writer/editor Tasneem Jamal.

For young Black professionals, the employment line remains a long and bumpy road to only get half as far. At The Walrus Talks Advancing Work, Agapi Gessesse, Executive Director of the Centre for Young Black Professionals breaks down how she is assuring success for young Black Canadians today and beyond.

In this episode, we’re going underground, undersea and into your water and sewer pipelines with science fiction’s favorite problem-solvers…robots! Jay sits down with Vanessa Speight, a professor of Integrated Water Systems at the University of Sheffield, to learn how new, spider-like robots have the potential to locate and fix leaks in aging water pipes.


  • Anita Lahey. Defeat - I submit to winter’s / half-melt shame and kneel / before summer’s trumped-up / flames. by Anita Lahey


  • An illustration of a woman's shadow casting over a framed photograph of a young woman wearing Mughal-era clothing, bangles, rings, and jasmine flowers The Photograph, 1889 - She looked up at the wall, and the young woman with dramatic eyebrows gazed back at her from the frame by Nazneen Sheikh