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  1. The Shadowy Business of International Education by Nicholas Hune-Brown
  2. It’s Not in Your Head: The World Really Is Getting Worse by Andrew Potter
  3. Voting with Our Feelings by Alexander Tesar
  4. Is Canada Broken? by Sarmishta Subramanian
  5. Our National Silence on Bill 21 by Supriya Dwivedi

How healthy is our democracy? This special series from 2019 investigates what’s working, what’s under threat, and what’s broken. In this series, The Walrus cuts through our anxieties to examine what democracy really means in Canada today—and whether it’s truly coming to an end.


Inside the November 2021 issue of The Walrus

The stateless Canadian, the power of peat, the student mental health crisis, and why the RCMP is so resistant to reform.
PLUS: Will a Canadian team ever win the Stanley Cup again?


The Conversation Piece: Prerna Singh and Nationalism Is Not Always Bad for Democracy

Nationalism has become a bad word for many on the political spectrum, but it can also build nations and activate citizens.

The Edge of Energy: Renewable Energy from Food? That’s Rubbish!

How can we help farmers to reduce and producers to build resilience?

Bandwith: A New Frontier of Teaching and Learning

Approaches to teaching have had to change because of the pandemic. How has education changed as a result of the prevalence of online learning?


  • Myth by Terese Mason Pierre
  • Soil by Bertrand Bickersteth


  • Illustration of a wave crashing against people on a subway platform. Seahorse - Mr. Simbatye’s body had not yet begun to wither, but she opened the window in case his soul required an avenue of escape. Also because of the smell by Alix Ohlin