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Cover of the June issue of The Walrus magazine.

Inside the June 2022 issue of The Walrus

The legacy of Canadian soldiers in Ukraine, how credit scores can ruin lives, the superficial diversity of Canadian TV, and the story of Sarah Polley.

What Impact Did Canada’s Military Have on Ukrainian Resistance?


Fae Johnstone believes that in order to effectively combat the stigmas of mental health, we need policy and awareness that addresses the unique realities and needs of all communities.

This week we excerpted Teresa Wong’s essay about her portrait series based on her toddler’s tantrums. It’s one of twenty essays in the new collection Good Mom on Paper: Writers on Creativity and Motherhood. We spoke to Wong, and her editors, Stacey May Fowles and Jen Sookfong Lee about bridging the distance between being a mom and being an artist.

The oil and gas industry is under pressure to accelerate towards a decarbonized future. These efforts require bold and courageous leadership. Who better to change an oil and gas company from the inside out than its first Chief Climate Officer, Martha Hall Findlay.


  • Greyscale portrait of Oubah Osman against a blue background. Bookmark - The past moves me / into previously / occupied bedrooms by Oubah Osman


  • Three people are grouped at the end of a table while a man, haunted by a ghostly figure, looks on at the other end The Procedure - They left Ketman, whose breathing came now in fishlike gasps. Crepe-soled orderlies brisked back and forth by Caroline Adderson