• Hikers with brightly coloured coats and packs scale the snowy peak of Mount Everest in single file Welcome to Mass Market Mountaineering - Personal guides. Private chefs. Helicopter rides. Tensions are rising between Sherpas who do the hard work and the foreign climbers they escort to the top by Bernadette McDonald

  • An illustration of four grey soldiers with blue and yellow Ukrainian flags on their sleeves line up; a fifth soldier appears only as a silhouette. The Ukrainians Who Refuse to Fight - The government put in place a martial order that restricted some people from leaving the country. This is the story of how one family fled by Jonathan Garfinkel

Play The Walrus Games - Crosswords, Sudoku, Word Search, and MorePlay The Walrus Games - Crosswords, Sudoku, Word Search, and More

  • Restoring Hope - As climate change intensifies, WWF-Canada is supporting community efforts to restore their lands and safeguard their futures by Brianna Sharpe

  • [WATCH] The Walrus Talks Nature - Exploring how nature and Canada’s trails can play a pivotal role in bolstering the environment, economy, and health of all Canadians


The first step in creating a more equitable and sustainable world in 2080, is to imagine it. In this episode, we explore the power of dreaming new futures into existence through art, collaboration and innovation. With a perspective rooted in reality and an understanding of the past, how might hope guide our actions as we plan for the future?

Some doctors consider nature time to be “The fourth Pillar of Health”. It can have a positive effect on mood, physical ability and even mental wellness. Dr. Melissa Lem is the director of PaRx (Parks Prescriptions), an initiative of the BC Parks Foundation, and a family physician. This special episode of The Conversation Piece features content from her presentation at Manulife presents The Walrus Talks Nature, supported by Trans Canada Trail.

In this episode, we’re commemorating 125 years of the Yukon Territory. We discuss the work of digitizing Dene language tapes, buried Hollywood silent films found in Dawson City, and the pivotal role of Indigenous youth in shaping Yukon’s future.


  • A black and white photo of Chuqiao Yang against a blue backdrop The View - Someone shudders with news of their ruptured / heartbreak by Chuqiao Yang


  • Illustrations of glasses, matches, a car, fountain pen, amulet, leaves, coins, flowers, fountains and a large house surround a black-and-white photo of a Sri Lankan family snipped by bird-shaped scissors. Wo - We ate and drank and drove on and I went off the road, and so we discussed the situation and decided it would be a good idea to pull off the road by Randy Boyagoda