• Eyes looking at books and records. I Miss Being Bored at the Mall - Browsing taught me to enjoy my own company. In a digital age, how will my children learn to be by themselves? by Jason Guriel
  • A hand holds a hat out, as if asking for change. Inside the hat is a small scene of a boarded up house, with people entering on the left. A figure on the right is telling a person to leave, who exist the house and walks down to a tent. No Place to Live - One person's search for a place to call home shows a public-housing system stretched to its limits by Julia-Simone Rutgers

  • An image of Mavis Gallant. 100 Years of Mavis Gallant - Her stories are about the cost of living and the cost of love. It’s why they still endure by Heather O’Neill

  • The Walrus Talks Global Hunger Crisis. October 18. Register Today. The Walrus Talks Global Hunger Crisis - Global hunger declined steadily for 50 years. This changed around 2015, and today it affects 1 out of 10 people. How do we make sure no one goes hungry?

Animated cover of the September/October issue of The Walrus titled 'No Place to Live'.

Inside the September/October 2022 issue of The Walrus

The crisis in public housing, the neuroscience behind our love for pumpkin spice, the future of Quebec sovereignty, and more.

How the UK Is Winning the Race against Climate Change

Why Are There Still So Few Women Leaders in Politics?

Much Ado about Hummus: The Fight for Bragging Rights over a Middle Eastern Dip

The Gate of Heavenly Peace


André Picard, is a health reporter and author who started us off on this audio journey, with his talk on the epidemic of loneliness, so it only felt appropriate to hand the mic back for the final episode of season 3, because this has been quite a time to be a health reporter, and Picard is one of this country’s best.

Tajja Isen, the former digital editor of thewalrus.ca, now editor-in-chief at Catapult magazine, talks about her new book, Some of my Best Friends: Essays on Lip Service. It’s an essay collection about race, justice, and the limits of good intentions.

Virginia Burkett is the Chief Scientist for Climate and Land Use Change at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), where she’s worked for over three decades. She is based in Louisiana and is an expert in global change and low-lying coastal zones.


  • A man wearing a checkered blazer, glasses, and a fedora smiles and stares downward, against a bright pink background. Kettle - Hesitant whistles. Then this wheezing laugh, / growing hysterical, like a dance-of-death by James Pollock


  • A man and woman walk down an empty street with houses on either side and the ocean behind them The Click - Sometimes we look younger than we are, sometimes much older, depending on how we’ve chosen to live with what we’ve seen by Sarah Totton