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Walrus Weekly Newsletter

The Walrus Events Newsletter

Be the first to know when the Walrus Talks are coming to your area and watch some of our featured videos of Walrus Talks from across Canada. Past Walrus Talks have included speakers such as Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, Rick Hansen, Dr. Samantha Nutt, Clara Hughes, Deepa Mehta, Margaret Atwood, Chief Clarence Louie, Roberta Bondar, Edward Burtynsky, Dr. Wilton Littlechild, Lisa Moore, Douglas Coupland, Shelagh Rogers, Jay Ingram, Shary Boyle, Carol Off, Bob Rae, Dionne Brand, Henry Mintzberg, and many more.

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Walrus Events Newsletter

The 49% Newsletter

The 49% is a newsletter that signal boosts unheard narratives, including those of award-winning podcast producers who are disabled; Indigenous entrepreneurs, writers, and artists; innovators and thinkers who are people of colour; members of the LGBTQ community writing the best scripts out there; women leading tech; and more.

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Angela Misri is the digital director at The Walrus, and has worked at The Banff Centre and the CBC. She has written about technology and women in technology for The Walrus, the Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, and many other publications.