About Us

The Walrus Foundation


The Walrus provokes new thinking and sparks conversation on matters vital to Canadians. As a registered charity we publish independent, fact-based journalism in The Walrus and at thewalrus.ca, we produce national, ideas-focused events, including our flagship series The Walrus Talks, and we train emerging professionals in publishing and non-profit management. The Walrus is invested in the idea that a healthy society relies on informed citizens.

Why “The Walrus”? We get asked this all the time!

The founders of The Walrus sought to dissociate Canada from the “log chomping” and “earnestness” of our national animal (and cliché), the beaver. Enter the walrus: an arctic icon that is curmudgeonly but clever, bulky but agile-the perfect symbol for a publication with the intellectual heft, confidence, and wit to dig deeply into matters vital to Canadians. Like its namesake, which swims with unexpected grace, The Walrus is Canada’s elegant heavyweight.