Hope You’re Well

The last two years have put untold pressure on our bodies and minds

Various wellness paraphernalia like workout gear, vacation brochures and face masks
Header Image: Animation of the series title Hope you're well surrounded by wellness paraphernalia like workout gear, vacation brochures and face masks

The last two years have put untold pressure on our bodies and minds. Many of us have turned inward, paying close attention to our health and overall well-being, whether through testing out new exercise routines, googling ways to relax, or even buying new underwear. In a new series on wellness, The Walrus explores the many ways our current health trends intersect with new technologies, new legislation, and larger changes accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feeling the Burn: The Workout Video from Jane Fonda to Peloton

By Carine Abouseif
Illustration by Valéry Lemay

Home fitness videos have been a godsend during the pandemic, but I can’t shake my growing discomfort with those perfect bodies

A woman struggles while working out as stress and perfection loom over her.

Four women from different time periods model different lingerie, from a corset to modern wireless bras, with each woman in less pain as time goes on.

Underwire Under Fire: How the Pandemic Changed the Bra

By Nicole Schmidt
Illustration by Kate Traynor

Old forms are going bust. Is it a fashion blip or a sign of something larger?

The Gamification of Fitness: Are We Getting Played by Our Exercise Apps?

By Richard Trapunski
Illustration by Celina Gallardo

The video game elements often blamed for sedentary lifestyles are now being used to get people moving

A man lifts a weight made of game controllers, surrounded by video game elements

A young man sits at a therapy session, but instead of a therapist, it's a phone with a TikTok video titled Five signs that you have...

Viral Symptoms: The Rise of Mental Health Diagnosis Videos on TikTok

By Emily Baron Cadloff
Illustration by Christy Lundy

The trend suggests more openness around disorders, but experts worry it’s gone too far

Out of Office: The Case For More Paid Vacation Days

By Sheena Rossiter
Illustration by Erin McCluskey

The pandemic has forced us to reevaluate our relationship with work and time off

A computer screen with a wallpaper of a beach vacation mostly blocked by several open tabs and sticky notes.

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