Living Rooms

The shifting foundations of where and how we live

Bedrooms have become de facto offices, separation from family and friends is leading to widespread homesickness, and real estate prices continue to soar even as renters face a shortage of affordable housing across the country. In a new digital series, updated every Wednesday through December, The Walrus looks at the transformations in where and how we live, exploring the meaning of home and how we relate to the spaces around us.

What DIY Couldn’t Do for Me

By Kate Black

Hustle culture tells us we’ll be more productive if we optimize our homes. But the decor was never really the problem

How Real Estate TV Became a Cruel Joke

By Amil Niazi

Why would I want to watch celebrities shop for multimillion-dollar mansions while I get priced out of my own city?

How to Save the Middle Class

By Max Fawcett

Our vision of the good life is stuck in the twentieth century. It’s time to reinvent it—starting with home ownership

When Did Housing Get So Unaffordable?

Over the past four decades, the cost has gone through the roof and transformed a necessity into a commodity

Tiny Homes Won’t Fix the Housing Crisis

By Cristina D’Amico

They’re often touted as a path to affordable housing. But the scale of the problem calls for a bigger solution

You Can’t Run Away from Homesickness

By Melissa J. Gismondi

What it means to miss home in our globalized, climate-changed world

The Rise of the Roommate

By Kelli María Korducki

Burnt out and debt-ridden, my generation is poised to change the household as we know it—maybe even for the better

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