For the Love of the Game

In a new series, The Walrus explores the ecstasy, the agony, and the complex motivations behind why we cheer

A photo collage of sports fans cheering. The words "for the love of the game" are over the image.

Fans watch games religiously. They buy overpriced tickets and cram into arenas to support perpetual losers. They’re willing to suffer through decades of disappointment because those rare moments of triumph—the perfect shot, the impossible save, the long-awaited championship victory—make it all worthwhile. In a new series on sports fandom, updated each week leading to the 2021 Summer Olympics, The Walrus explores the ecstasy, the agony, and the complex motivations behind why we cheer.

When Sports Fans Change the Game

By Shireen Ahmed

Equal pay across genders, renaming racist teams—owners are finally listening and boardrooms will never be the same

The Paradox of Being a Leafs Fan

By Waubgeshig Rice

Generations of Indigenous fans have followed the Toronto Maple Leafs through close calls and decades of despair. Ultimately, it’s the hope that connects us

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