The Best of The Walrus: 20th Anniversary Edition

The Best of 20 Years

This is writing my colleagues and I believe is among the best The Walrus has published over the past twenty years. We have been rating, debating, and reassessing the lists for months, looking for work that still surprised us, impressed us, moved us—work that could speak to the present moment. We wanted the overall mix to reflect the qualities that have made The Walrus a steady bellwether of must-read writing. We have been a home to some of the country’s most gifted magazine writers and, on this website, a daily reminder that good prose matters.

Carmine Starnino
Interim Editor-in-Chief

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Archival stories featured in our November issue

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Carmine Starnino
Samia Madwar
Harley Rustad
Dafna Izenberg
Daniel Viola

Web Production
Ariella Garmaise
KC Hoard
Monika Warzecha

Copy Editor
Siddhesh Inamdar

Head of Research
Allison Baker

Fact Checkers
Emma Buchanan
Mashal Butt
Colby Payne
Tobin Ng

Art Direction
Paul Kim
Meredith Holigroski
Celina Gallardo

Cover Illustration
Kristen De Palma