The January/February 2013 Issue

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Special winter double issue: Katherine Ashenburg confronts our fear of fat; Daniel Baird unspools the history behind our impulse to punish; Scott Conarroe photographs the edge of North America; Richard Poplak explains how the success of electronic music heralds its demise; fiction by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer…


Rough Justice

Locking up offenders does little to prevent crime or make us safer. The history behind our impulse to punish


Critical Mass

Writer Terry Poulton found the secret to a happy, healthy life in her plus-sized body. Will the “obesity epidemic” finally force the rest of us to confront our fear of fat?



Do you know what it feels like to love until the pain of it forces you to do things that are forbidden? Do you know the many ways that yearning can destroy a mere boy?




Queue Tips

Embedded at a New Year’s Day levee in Prince Edward Island