The May 2015 Issue

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Katherine Ashenburg explains why our kids aren’t sleeping, and what we all can do about it; Atom Egoyan on the Armenian genocide; Astra Taylor makes the case for a Netflix tax; Adele Weder ponders the future of wooden skyscrapers; Ed Tubb investigates what happens when pedophiles are released from prison; fiction by Jill Sexsmith…


Time for Bed

Your kids aren’t sleeping enough—and neither are you


Minding the Monster

A pedophile gets out of prison. What happens next?


In Denial

The Armenian genocide, a century later


Ticket Taker

Episode four of ten


Airplanes Couldn’t Be Happier in Turbulence

If her bag doesn’t show up, she will have to do some shopping. She is not starting a new decade in Crocs