The December 2012 Issue

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Evan Fraser and Andrew Rimas ponder how to feed nine billion people; Mark Leiren-Young profiles Kalle Lasn, the revolutionary publisher of Adbusters; Jasmine Budak rethinks adoption; Dan Falk explains the current wave of popular physics; Robert Calder on the mystique of the Saskatchewan Roughriders; fiction by Stephen Marche…


His One Demand

Kalle Lasn, the revolutionary publisher of Adbusters, is the brains behind the Occupy movement. Next up: a takedown of classical economic theory


Canada's Most Unwanted

With rising infertility rates and the availability of foreign infants declining, some 30,000 children in government care have a better shot at finding a family


How to Feed Nine Billion

Droughts, commodity speculation, and growing demand are placing an unprecedented strain on our global food system. Can we avoid a full-blown crisis?


Dark One Rising


Under One Queen