Canadian Time Machine is a podcast that unpacks key milestones in our country’s history. It is funded by the Government of Canada and created by The Walrus Lab.

Voyages dans l’histoire canadienne, un balado qui présente les moments clés de l’histoire de notre pays. Financé par le gouvernement du Canada et créé par The Walrus Lab.


On January 3rd, 1947, Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King became the first person to ever be granted Canadian citizenship. So, how did people in Canada identify before this law came into effect? And how did the law impact people differently? Lawyer and professor Audrey Macklin joins host Angela Misri to help unpack the significance of this anniversary.

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In August 1972, Ugandan President Idi Amin announced that all residents of Asian descent had to leave the country within 90 days. The expulsion impacted over 50,000 people — many of whom had ties to East Africa for several generations. Canada played a crucial role in helping resettle over 7,000 Ugandan asylum seekers. In this episode, we’ll hear from two people who were resettled in Canada following the expulsion order: historian and anthropologist Zulfikar Hirji, and writer/editor Tasneem Jamal.

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En 1845 la Grande Famine est arrivée en Irlande. Pendant les années qui ont suivi, on a trouvé un grande exode d’Irlandais. Cette migration massive a changé profondément la face de la culture irlandaise. Le Canada était une destination importante pour les migrants qui arrivaient d’Irlande. Dans cet épisode, nous sommes rejoints par Laurent Colantonio, Professeur à L’Université de Québec à Montréal, un expert au sujet de la Grande Famine en Irlande. Également, nous avons Lori Morrison, Vice Présidente de la United Irish Societies of Montreal qui va partager avec nous l’impact des Irlandais sur l’identité Canadienne, et surtout à Montréal.

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In the season finale of Canadian Time Machine, we look at the 50th anniversary of the Decorations for Bravery. We speak with former Governor General, Madame Adrienne Clarkson, about what she’s learned from the everyday heroes she awarded during her tenure and from Russ Fee, a Medal of Bravery recipient who saved a family from a wolf attack. 

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