Introducing The Walrus Year in Action

Our in-depth focus on the people, movements, and ideas that matter in 2018

Illustration of a drawn spiral
Illustration by The Walrus

Welcome to The Walrus Year in Action, an in-depth look at the people, movements, and ideas that matter in 2018.

For many of us, the events of 2017 exposed a deep sense of frustration—and an even deeper desire for change. Our national and international conversations revealed divisive political lines, violence, and extremism, but they also surfaced a relentless push for progress, transformation, and even revolution. From discussions on everything from public policy to workplace culture, one message threaded throughout: we are living in a time of renewed individual and community engagement.

For the launch of our Year in Action project, we look at the unstoppable #MeToo movement, consent, and the rising tide of action against sexual violence. And as the year goes on, we’ll continue to gather those stories here as we shine a spotlight on 2018’s most change-making conversations, with coverage of everything from LGBTQ and Indigenous rights to the environment, mental health, and more.

Please send us your story ideas, tips, and feedback. To read the mission statement of The Walrus click here and for submissions guidelines click here.

The Walrus Staff