Year in Action

Year in Action: The people, movements, and ideas that matter in 2018

What is our Year in Action?

Wali Shah

Teaching Our Sons

Wali Shah says his male role models perpetuated toxic ideals of success and manhood, but he’s here to change the status quo

by Wali Shah

Year in Action

How Everyday Misogyny Feeds the Incel Movement

The Toronto van attack shook the world, but the hatred that inspired it isn’t just an online phenomenon

by Lauren McKeon

Year in Action

Four Unlikely Activists

These women lost children and siblings. How grief pushed them to act


Year in Action

Canadians Don’t Love Guns? Think Again

The Trudeau government has largely dismissed long-gun registries—but recent mass shootings invite Canadians to reopen the debate

by John Lorinc

We need a truth and reconciliation commission on sexual violence

Year in Action

Why We Need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Sexual Violence

Together, we can confront our history and envision a better future

by Kim Samuel

The radical notion of safe spaces in music

Year in Action

The Radical Notion of Safe Spaces in Music

Toronto’s Venus Fest is part of a movement to prove our music scenes can be free of sexism

by Carly Lewis

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Year in Action

Introducing The Walrus Year in Action

Our in-depth focus on the people, movements, and ideas that matter in 2018

by The Walrus Staff

What consent means in the age of #MeToo

Year in Action

What Consent Means in the Age of #MeToo

The notion that sex is fraught with ambiguity has made some kinds of assault difficult to describe and confront

by Sarah Barmak

Stop Telling Women What to Wear

Year in Action

Stop Telling Women What to Wear

Any legislation that polices clothing as way of protecting society will invite the kind of oppression Canada normally condemns

by Pamela Divinsky

One Year after the D.C. Women's March

Year in Action

One Year Later: The Women’s March on Washington

As we continue to push for women’s rights, last year’s protests have a lot to teach us about compassionate and rigorous conversation

by Amanda Cockburn

Should oil companies be on the hook for climate change costs?

Year in Action

Should Oil Companies Be on the Hook for Climate Change Costs?

From wild fires to rising sea levels, ecological disasters are expected to cost Canada $5 billion per year by 2020—and some communities want big oil to pay its share

by Christopher Pollon

Picture of two women at a vigil for the victims of Quebec City mosque shooting

Year in Action

Remembering the Quebec City Mosque Shooting

On the one-year anniversary, we gather some of our most important stories about the event, its aftermath, and religious worship in Canada

by Amira Elghawaby

Why I Pulled My Winning Story

Year in Action

Why I Pulled My Winning Story From a Literary Magazine

The new momentum is about small acts of resistance that can lead to large-scale shifts in attitude

by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

Seeking clarity and fairness

Year in Action

CanLit Has a Sexual-Harassment Problem

Now, more than ever, we must create an environment in which young writers feel they can come forward

by Zoe Whittall

Illustration with a gavel by Jenn Liv.

Year in Action

Why Many Women Can’t Get Justice From Sexual-Assault Trials

A new book dismantles the myth of a fair legal system for sexual-assault complainants

by Seila Rizvic

Infographic on sexual violence in Canada

Year in Action

Sexual Violence in Canada, by the Numbers

What the data tells us about sexual assault and harassment

by The Walrus Staff