[WATCH] The Walrus Talks Advancing Work

Supporting people and communities today to reach a thriving tomorrow

Supporting people and communities today to reach a thriving tomorrow

The Walrus Talks Advancing Work will bring together leaders to share insights and discuss opportunities for supporting workers and strengthening communities. Now is the time to share challenges and solutions across sectors, demographics, and regions so that we can collaboratively reimagine existing expectations and systems of work.

Join us in person in Toronto or via our livestream for this vibrant discussion on rethinking work. This event will showcase impactful strategies and innovative resources that we can all engage with now and in the future to ensure that we generate more possibilities and access more potential for people across Canada.

Photos of Amanda Aziz, Max Brault, Agapi Gessesse, Golnaz Golnaraghi, Samir Khan, Alexandra McCann, Paul Taylor

Featuring seven-minute talks from:

  • Amanda Aziz, Immigration and Refugee Lawyer, Migrant Workers Centre BC
  • Max Brault, Vice President, People & Change, BDO Canada LLP
  • Agapi Gessesse, Executive Director, CEE Centre For Young Black Professionals
  • Golnaz Golnaraghi, Founder, Accelerate her Future
  • Samir Khan, Senior Research and Evaluation Associate, Future Skills Centre
  • Alexandra McCann, Executive Director, ONSIDE
  • Paul Taylor, Executive Director, FoodShare Toronto

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