Grizzly Hunter, Dawson City


A species apart,
speech full of spitty hisses.
Horse-faced with a hangover,
half out his mind.
Gnarl-knuckled, forearms
bark-thick with scabs.
Laugh, a barking dog
frenzied on a chain.
Shredded ear, faint-lipped scar
dug into eyebrow.
Lined up his gear: rawhide gloves,
machete, scoped Remington.
Last I saw, he set out, full sun,
beneath red leaves,
which wind, reared up, soon
tore limb from limb.

This appeared in the November 2014 issue.

Carmine Starnino (@cstarnino) is the deputy editor at The Walrus. His new book of poetry is called Leviathan (Gaspereau, 2016).

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