Aw ya, cabelleros y caballeras, rancheros y rancheras, it’s time for a little polling data about everybody’s favourite subject: Canadian literature!


The luckiest character in CanLit
has to be David from Earle Birney’s “David,”
because David would be safely dead
before having to read Earle Birney’s “David.”

The most beloved character in CanLit
is, for sure, Chanis MacGovernor
from The MacGovernor Tales, the thrifty
merchant who “taught Canada how to save!”

The most grateful characters in CanLit
are all the ones not named “Morag,”
while the saddest ones are the characters
who’ve never had sex with Leonard Cohen.

The sexiest character in CanLit
would have to be either Reverend Cocksome
from Niagara Love, or Poundy DeLaGrace
from Destin du Pays, Destin du Ohh.

This appeared in the July/August 2012 issue.

David McGimpsey just published Asbestos Heights, a collection.

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