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Noah Richler has written for the National Post, the Guardian, the Globe and Mail, and Maisonneuve. He earned a gold ­National Magazine Award for his 2010 Walrus ­cover story, “My Dad, the Movie, and Me.”


The Trials of Philip Halliday

Did an out-of-work fisherman from Digby knowingly smuggle one and a half tons of cocaine into Spain?


My Dad, the Movie, and Me

On the set of Barney’s Version, with Dustin Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Minnie Driver, and the ghost of Mordecai Richler


The New World, Anew

Colin McAdams’s tale bring Can Lit out of the dark


Turning the Page

Our fragile publishing industry is struggling to adjust to a new world in which the printed word may be an afterthought


War Games

Soldiers, not peacekeepers, are the heroes of the new Canada. How 9/11 changed the way we talk about our troops—and how we see ourselves