2017 Was Canada’s Worst Year yet for Overdose Deaths

A by-the-numbers look at the country’s skyrocketing opioid-overdose rates

cropped outline of Canada
Illustration by Natalie Vineberg

Hover over the provinces and territories below to look at the opioid death rates across Canada and see where the crisis is at its worst. You can also click through to compare data from 2017 and 2016, which shows the spike in deaths.

Notes on 2017 data:

*Includes deaths related to illicit drugs, including but not limited to opioids

✢Includes deaths with completed investigations only

▲Includes deaths related to all illicit drugs including, but not limited to, opioids, from July to December only. This number is expected to rise.

Notes on 2016 data:

*Includes deaths related to illicit drugs, including but not limited to opioids

▲This number is not final and is expected to rise

Source: Health Canada

The Walrus Staff

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