A Walrus Online Special Feature: buzz


buzz is an urban storytelling project conceived of by Toronto resident Jay Pitter as a way for young adults from the city’s public housing communities to craft hopeful stories about their lives. The Walrus and the Walrus Foundation are pleased and proud to be hosting some of their work. Please read and enjoy the stories and view the gallery of participants below.

  • About buzz, by Jay Pitter
    An introduction to the buzz project

  • The Meaning of Mentorship, by Sagal Ali
    How do we fill the void when a local leader and good friend passes away?

  • Still Soaring, by Taiwo Bah
    A filmmaker casts his eye on the community after the death of his older brother

  • Re-creating Family, by Arsema Berhane
    I learned the value of kinship while fleeing Eritrea as a child, and I haven’t forgotten it

  • A Tale of Two Brothers, by Joseph Cain
    My brother has travelled a hard road, but I’m trying to follow another path

  • Armed with a Dream, by Harold Clarke
    Breaking the cycle of gang violence

  • Ask Isis, by Susanna Ferreira
    A Nigerian-born emcee raps her way from Jane & Finch to the Montreal Jazz Festival

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