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Our most popular magazine articles, videos, podcasts, and blog posts published in 2014

A drawing of Rob Ford smiling
Illustration by Graham Roumieu
Magazine articles
Photograph by Raina Kirn and Wilson Barry
Raina Kirn and Wilson Barry The Talk: a new sex ed for boys
“[I]t requires the much more radical act of teaching them to question all they have been told about what it means to be a man, and then helping them figure out how to become a good one. Or, as one boy at Vanier explained it to me, ‘It’s a program where you learn how not to be a jerk.’ ”
  1. The Talk” by Rachel Giese (April)
  2. The Story behind the Rob Ford Story” by Ivor Tossell (March)
  3. The Israel Taboo” by Joseph Rosen (January/February)
  4. Faulty Tower” by Adele Weder (November)
  5. The Secret Life of Max Stern” by Sara Angel (October)
  6. True Blue” by Marci McDonald (May)
  7. Oxy Town” by Dan Werb (December)
  8. Just Do It” by Micah Toub (September)
  9. Nobody’s a Critic” by Jesse Brown (June)
  10. Why Good People Write Bad Prose” by Gary Stephen Ross (October)
Walrus TV videos
Video still from The Walrus Talks Resilience
The Walrus Talks Resilience When All Is Lost: in memory of Yusuf Ali
A eulogy in verse for an eighteen-year-old man who was gunned down in broad daylight in Toronto.
  1. When All Is Lost” by Mustafa Ahmed (The Walrus Talks Resilience)
  2. The Future of Not Being Afraid of the Future” by Shad (The Walrus Talks Tomorrow)
  3. The Body Always Give a Shit” by Sonnet L’Abbé (The Walrus Talks Philanthropy)
  4. The Closing Down of Personhood” by Madeleine Thien (The Walrus Talks States of Mind)
  5. From the Inside Out” by Measha Brueggergosman (The Walrus Talks: The Art of Conversation)
Podcast episodes
Illustration by Min Gyo Chung
Min Gyo Chung #28: The Trials of Philip Halliday
“After a few days, a ton and a half of cocaine was found on-board.” Noah Richler discusses the life and alleged crimes of an out-of-work fisherman from Digby accused of smuggling drugs into Spain.
  1. “#24: How to Teach Boys About Sex” with Rachel Giese (March 31)
  2. “#21: Inside the Story behind the Rob Ford Story” with Ivor Tossell (February 18)
  3. “#28: The Trials of Philip Halliday” with Noah Richler (July 30)
  4. “#34: Joseph Boyden’s Short List” with Joseph Boyden and Eliza Robertson (November 24)
  5. “#29: Just Do It” with Micah Toub (August 18)
Blog posts
Photograph by Desmond Cole
Desmond Cole Standoff on South Florissant: a report from the streets of Ferguson, Missouri
“To understand why people in Ferguson have been protesting practically every day since [Michael] Brown’s killing, and why they are likely not going to stop, consider this: many of them believe that until they establish the right simply to exist in their own streets without fear of police brutality, there can be no moving forward from here.”
  1. Things Rob Ford Has Quit” by Matthew McKinnon (July 21)
  2. Standoff on South Florissant” by Desmond Cole (November 26)
  3. Foul Territory” by Stacey May Fowles (July 30)
  4. Money for Nothing and Cheques for Free” by Drew Nelles (August 13)
  5. Loving Thy Neighbour in a Secular Age” by Jonathan Kay (December 9)
Matthew McKinnon
Matthew McKinnon (@matthewmckinnon) is an editor, writer, and designer.
Graham Roumieu
Graham Roumieu ( is a National Magazine Award winner and a regular contributor to The Walrus. He draws for The Atlantic, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

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