The Walrus Nominated for Canadian Online Publishing Awards

Four awards recognize The Walrus in the Consumer category

Logo for the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

The Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs) have announced the finalists of 2021, and The Walrus has been nominated for four awards in the Consumer category: Best Multicultural Story, Best Blog Column/Video/Podcast, Best Virtual Event, and Best Email Newsletter Design.

“Much of this work has been months and years in the making, with lots of feedback from a dream team of collaborators at The Walrus and an audience that cares enough to help us design and create content,” says Angela Misri, digital director at The Walrus. “We’re delighted that all of this has been recognized by the judges at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.”

“What a thrill to be recognized by the Canadian Online Publishing Awards this year for the work we’re doing in our newsletter, events, podcast, and on,” says Jennifer Hollett, executive director of The Walrus. “It’s a great acknowledgement of the team’s hard work and our growth in storytelling and convening online.”

The COPAs recognize the importance of the online landscape within the magazine and publishing industry. The Walrus began as a print magazine, in 2003, but has continued to expand and create more digital offerings over the years. The Walrus website,, features stories from the print edition and exclusive digital pieces. At the start of the pandemic, The Walrus event series pivoted to online, ensuring that audiences could still attend every event from the safety of their homes. The Walrus Talks also provide the foundation for The Walrus podcast, The Conversation Piece, which has been nominated at this year’s COPAs. Those looking for an introduction to The Walrus online can sign up for the weekly Sunday-night newsletter, which is also a finalist at the COPAs.

The Walrus congratulates all the contributors and staff nominated. The awards will be announced in February 2022.


 Best Multicultural Story (Consumer) 
Photo illustration of a Black woman in profile against a blue background. She is surrounded by strips of newspaper with bits of text printed on them.
Objectivity Is a Privilege Afforded to White Journalists
Pacinthe Mattar, Writer
Samia Madwar, Handling Editor
Nicole Schmidt, Fact Checker
Natalie Vineberg, Illustrator

 Best Blog Column/Video/Podcast (Consumer) 

The Conversation Piece
Angela Misri, Digital Director
Sheena Rossiter, Senior Digital Producer
Cailin Cooper, Head of Events
Natalie Vineberg, Designer

 Best Virtual Event (Consumer) 

Poetry for the Moment
Angela Misri, Digital Director
Sheena Rossiter, Senior Digital Producer
Aimee Louw, 2020 TD Fellow on Disability and Inclusion

 Best Email Newsletter Design (Consumer) 

The Walrus Weekly Newsletter
Angela Misri, Digital Director
Jonah Brunet, Copy Editor
Sheena Rossiter, Senior Digital Producer
Samia Madwar, Managing Editor
Ariella Garmaise, Editorial Assistant
The Walrus Staff