Teaching Teens How to Have Good Sex, by Viviane Fairbank - a crumpled pink paper heart on a yellow background with stars
A Nationwide Comparison of Sex Ed - a map of Canada on a purple background with stars
How the Internet Changed Sex, by Anna Fitzpatrick - orange paper cutout of four people holding hands on a blue background with stars

Seven teens on: What is consent? Play video
Why Doctors Are Bad at Sex Ed, by Lauren Vogel - half of an apple on a blue background with stars
Yes They Used to Teach That, An Educator Reacts to Old Sex-Ed videos. Colourful cue cards on a yellow background with stars

The Undoing of Ontario Sex Ed, by Erica Lenti - Pencil shavings on a blue background with stars
A Timeline of Consent in Canada - a round yellow clock on a yellow background with stars
How to Have 'The Talk' as a Muslim Father, by Yasir Khan - a sandwich with crust cut off with a post-it note that says

Four Religious Leaders on Sex Ed - a white candle on a green background with stars
#MeToo and the Secrets Indigenous Women Keep, by Lindsay Nixon - a golden lock on a purple background with stars
Seven teens on: What does a healthy relationship look like to you?

The Last Good Sex-Ed Book (Our Bodies Ourselves), by Sue Carter - a Book cover that says Our Bodies Ourselves with pink glittery letters, on a purple background with stars
Why I Stopped Skipping My Period, by Eliza Robertson, a sanitary napkin with red glittery stars in the center, on top of a blue background
How One Podcaster Got Us Talking About Sex, by Katherine Laidlaw - black headphones on a green background with stars

Learning Sex Ed Through Art, by Anubha Momin. Streaks of red and black paint on a yellow background with stars
The Invisibility of Asexuality, by Kate Sloan. A name tag that says 'Hello I'm' with the name section left blank, on a green background with stars
Four teens on: What They Wish 'The Talk' Included


Producers Lauren McKeon, Natalie Vineberg, Judy Ziyi Gu, and Viviane Fairbank
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Copy editor Erin Sylvester

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