Finalist for the 2016 Walrus Poetry Prize

No one

Has lots of them

Lays or friends or anything

That can make a little light in all that darkness

—Jack Spicer

Cuz man I don’t feel safe at all
4.5 million Americans with “security clearance”
Of one kind or another in D.C. since 9/11
Walk right up into my business my “classified” info or
Some undisclosed facility millions with access

To big red flashing buttons    do you

feel safe?

In Canada the Law says
I got no right to feel my body’s harm
In bed the physical humiliation that turns me on
Like a chandelier in a port-a-john
Is smashed to
Shit the lights out I remember coming
To after your sucker punch
Love a glint in the eye of my shiner, shine, my love

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