Jennifer Hollett Will Be the New Executive Director at The Walrus

Shelley Ambrose will be stepping down in June and handing the reins to Hollett

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On behalf of The Walrus Foundation, Board Chair Helen Burstyn is delighted to announce that, in June of 2020, Jennifer Hollett will assume the role of Executive Director of The Walrus, home of Canada’s Conversation.

“A former broadcast journalist and entrepreneur, Jennifer has extensive experience in public policy, politics, government relations, fundraising, media, and strategic communications,” says Helen Burstyn. “Jennifer is driven by purpose and mission and will bring her knowledge of the country, people, conversation, tech, and media to all activities at The Walrus. We are extremely grateful to Shelley Ambrose for her almost 13 years leading The Walrus and bringing it to its current state as a national institution and the home of Canada’s Conversation.”

“Since November 2006, when I joined the then one-year-old Walrus Foundation (The Walrus magazine was born in 2003) as Executive Director and Publisher, a lot has changed at The Walrus and in the world,” says current Executive Director Shelley Ambrose. “It has been both daunting and exhilarating. I am enormously proud of all we – staff, fellows and interns, donors and sponsors, board members and volunteers – have accomplished and how well positioned The Walrus and its current team are to thrive for the next 15 years and beyond. And I am thrilled with the choice of Jennifer Hollett as the next Executive Director of The Walrus and look forward to assisting with this transition to ensure she – and it – are as successful as possible. The future is very bright. I am both proud and, well, will be ready, in the spring, to pass the usuk.”

Jennifer Hollett says, “I’m thrilled to – in June of 2020 – take on the role of Executive Director at The Walrus as both a long-time reader of the organization’s critical long-form journalism, and a fan of the ideas the community highlights through nationwide events and talks. I am a big believer in the power of conversation to bring a large country like ours a little closer together in understanding, and I am honoured to be able to contribute to the team’s stellar work.”

Everyone at The Walrus would like to thank Searchlight Partners Group and the Search Committee of the Board for their hard work and efforts over the past six months, which has led to this successful result. And the board of directors and staff look forward to working with Jennifer and continuing to spark conversation on matters vital to Canadians – right across the country. A healthy society relies on informed Citizens and more than ever Canadians need The Walrus.

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