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Selections from Oh, Canada at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Selections from Oh, Canada at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

In the September 2012 issue of The Walrus, Jolyon Helterman reviewed the largest exhibition of Canadian art ever mounted outside the country: the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art’s Oh, Canada. Here, the magazine presents a selection of artworks from the show, which is open through April 1, 2013. We think you should go see it.

FireworksFireworks by Sarah Anne Johnson (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Unique chromogenic print hand painted with photospotting and acrylic ink; 2010
Angel Trumpet Flower of DeathAngel Trumpet Flower of Death by Shary Boyle (Toronto, Ontario)
Ink and gouache on paper; 2008
Façade, Northern PeninsulaFaçade, Northern Peninsula by Ned Pratt (St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador)
Archival inkjet print; 2008
Uncharted Galvanized HutUncharted Galvanized Hut by Chris Millar (Calgary, Alberta)
Acrylic on canvas; 2008
Evil SpiritEvil Spirit by Annie Pootoogook (Cape Dorset, Nunavut)
Pencil, ink, and pencil crayon; 2003–04
And Then Voyager ReturnedAnd Then Voyager Returned by DaveandJenn (Calgary, Alberta)
Acrylic, oil, resin, and bronze; 2012
Chrysalides EmpereurChrysalides Empereur by Patrick Bernatchez (Montreal, Quebec)
35mm film transferred in HD; 2008–11
IiniiwahkiimahIiniiwahkiimah by Terrance Houle (Calgary, Alberta)
Vinyl; 2012
You Are LovedYou Are Loved by Andrea Mortson (Sackville, New Brunswick)
Oil on canvas; 2009–10
Vanité/VanitasVanité/Vanitas by Nicolas Baier (Montreal, Quebec)
Aluminum, nickel, steel, glass, and fluorescent; 2012
CorundumCorundum by Allison Hrabluik (Calgary, Alberta)
Single channel video with sound by Andrea Young; 2010
Arctic Memories Fueled by MemoryArctic Memories Fueled by Memory by Douglas Coupland (West Vancouver, British Columbia)
Acrylic and latex on canvas; 2011

This appeared in the September 2012 issue.

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