The Walrus Announces a New National Partnership with Facebook Canada

The Walrus and Facebook Canada announce a one-year collaboration to expand public discussion on the future of the Internet in Canada through a national event series and a podcast

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Toronto, Canada — May 18, 2020 — The Walrus and Facebook Canada are embarking on a year-long collaboration to expand public discussion on the future of the Internet through an online national event series and a podcast. The national conversation about Canada’s digital society and economy has become increasingly polarized. The Walrus and Facebook Canada are seeking to initiate a broader exploration of these complex issues in collaboration with leading Canadian thinkers and doers as Canada works to define the next era of the Internet.

“At a time when people can choose to see only the facts and opinions that support a single world view, The Walrus works to provide Canadians with context and broaden perspectives,” says Jennifer Hollett, executive director of The Walrus. “In our new online format of The Walrus Talks, we look forward to expanding conversations on the defining issues of the Internet age, digging deeper into these issues with Canada’s leading minds, and partnering with Facebook Canada to engage Canadians in this conversation.”

The Walrus Talks and Podcast Series
There are concerns about the disruption caused by the Internet, as well as the size and power of tech companies. At the same time, the internet has also created positive opportunities for our economy and our society, providing a voice to traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups and unlocking new economic value for businesses and consumers.

Taking a multi-dimensional view of the benefits and challenges of the internet, Facebook Canada and The Walrus hope to expand the national dialogue on the Future of the Internet and its role in Canadian society through a four-part The Walrus Talks at Home event series. Each sixty-minute event will feature four thought leaders and industry experts offering different perspectives on a single topic, followed by questions from the audience. In the fall, the event series will be released as a podcast.

The events will focus on the topics of Voices Online, the Future of Speech Online, Publishers and Platforms, and Canadian Culture Online. The first event in the series, Voices Online: The Power of Expression, Exchange, and Action was held live on Facebook on Tuesday, May 18, at 7 p.m. ET (watch a replay below).

“The Internet has brought significant disruptive change to institutions and industries, but it has also created positive opportunities for our economy and our society. The implications of this massive shift must be addressed and debated through insightful, fact-based discussions,” says Kevin Chan, global director and head of public policy at Facebook Canada. “In partnership with The Walrus, an organization known for provoking new thinking and sparking conversation on matters of importance to Canadians, we hope to nurture a more holistic understanding of the Internet in Canadians’ lives.”

The Walrus is proud to recognize Facebook Canada as our Future of the Internet Partner. Producing the caliber of work The Walrus is known for takes time, a great team, and resources. The contributions of Facebook as a national sponsor will help to ensure that we’re able to bring this conversation to life, although The Walrus will maintain full editorial control of the content produced by the partnership.

For more information, please contact: Andrea Boyd, Director of Partnerships, The Walrus,

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