Expect Delays

The June 2006 cover image is from a photo essay, recounting the cross-Canada trip of a photographer and his brother after their mother’s death

“Motivated by the death of our mother on January 25, 2005, my fifteen-year-old brother David and I decided to leave our home in Moncton, New Brunswick, and drive across Canada in the hope of discovering ourselves and getting some perspective on our new family dynamic while exploring the history the country. We wondered if this road trip could heal us in some way.”

“Over the course of our two-month journey, I photographed David at some significant sites in Canadian history and at other places that reflected the political state of our country today. The images of David were my attempt to reference the typical family-vacation snapshot, though my brother was given no directions on how to pose or stand or when to smile.”

Expect Delays examines David’s evolving relationship with Canada in the wake of our mother’s death, but the photographs also evoke how we shape and are shaped by our families, our surroundings, and our nation-how we build legacies and how those legacies endure after we are gone.”

Jaret Belliveau