Who We Are Now

Montage of black and white photographs of various people

Who We Are Now

20th anniversary badge (2003 - 2023)

Montage of black and white photographs of various people

Rex Cawagas
Account Director

A former mechanic, Rex designs custom shoes as a hobby and wants to start his own creative agency.

JP Michaels
Conceptual Stylist

JP Michaels is a style icon, teacher, philosopher, and singer extraordinaire. JP can’t be put in a box, and he definitely shouldn’t be.

Jane Hee Son
Architect/Business Owner

After many years of practice, Jane co-founded a hardware company where great design begins with attention to the smaller details.

Who we were in 2003 bears little resemblance to who we are in 2023. Think of what we wake up to daily: the threat of AI, a housing crisis, a climate emergency, political polarization, and ongoing attacks on marginalized communities. The sum of our societal parts is increasingly troubling. The story of The Walrus is the story, in part, of how we levelled up to tackle that reality.

The theme of Who We Are Now represents a kind of pilgrimage back to our founding idea: to not simply reflect on what various crises teach us but to find some underlying common experience, something that can hold us together in our differences.

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The Walrus was conceived as a national project—an attempt to take the measure of this experiment called Canada. The founding editors were answering what they felt was a need for bold narratives, for a magazine that could reflect the country’s aspirational beliefs. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we might say the gamble paid off. But the table stakes are higher now.

Your participation in the Canadian conversation is more essential than ever. To support The Walrus is to support the value of stories that diagnose not just who we’re not, but celebrate who we are. Can we count on you?

Headshot of Carmine Starnino

Carmine Starnino
Interim Editor-in-Chief


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