Arctic Adaptations

“The history of architecture in Canada's North has been fraught”

Lola Sheppard
Lola Sheppard is a registered architect in Ontario and Quebec, a Toronto-based educator, the associate director of undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo’s architecture school, and a founding partner of Lateral Office, an award-winning firm dedicated to architecture, landscape, urbanism, and the environment. Lateral Office promotes architecture and urbanism as a means of supporting local communities in the Canadian North; it is completing a book, Many North, examining the evolution of Arctic architecture, urbanism, and infrastructure; and it curated the Canadian Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale, for which it received Canada’s first honourable mention at the event. Lola is co-editor of the journal Bracket, as well as Bracket [at Extremes], which looks at architecture and infrastructure in extreme environments. She holds a bachelor’s degree from McGill and a master’s from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and she won the 2012 Young Architect Award from the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada.

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