The Walrus Wins Gold at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards

The team at The Walrus was nominated for four awards in the Consumer category

An image of several cell phones displaying content on their screens. On one screen, The Conversation Piece, a podcast from The Walrus, is being displayed. On the other screens, you can see the other nominations for this year's COPAwards.

The 2021 Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs) were held today at a virtual ceremony, and The Walrus won two awards.

The Walrus was a finalist for four awards in the Consumer category and won Gold in Best Multicultural Story and Best Virtual Event.

“The small but mighty team at The Walrus continues to create content we can all be proud of,” said Angela Misri, Digital Director at The Walrus.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to have The Walrus and writers we work with recognized for producing stories that explore some of the most important issues of the day,” said Monika Warzecha, Digital Editor at The Walrus.

With the continued growth and success of our online offerings, The Walrus team has worked hard to share stories and spark conversation on our website,, as well as through The Walrus Talks @Home event series, podcasts, and a weekly Sunday evening newsletter. Recognition at the COPAs for these efforts is particularly significant for The Walrus given our commitment to developing new online events, deeper social media engagement, and new podcasts over the last two years.

“What exciting news,” exclaimed Jennifer Hollett, Executive Director at The Walrus. “We are reaching and connecting with more and more people online, in their home, inbox, and news feed. It’s an honour to be recognized in this showcase of top digital content creators in the magazine and newspaper industries.”

The Walrus congratulates all the winners and nominees.


GOLD for Best Multicultural Story (Consumer)
“Objectivity Is a Privilege Afforded to White Journalists”
Pacinthe Mattar, Writer
Samia Madwar, Handling Editor
Nicole Schmidt, Fact Checker
Natalie Vineberg, Illustrator

GOLD for Best Virtual Event (Consumer)
Poetry for the Moment
Angela Misri, Digital Director
Sheena Rossiter, Senior Digital Producer
Aimee Louw, 2020 TD Fellow on Disability and Inclusion

FINALIST for Best Blog Column/Video/Podcast (Consumer)
The Conversation Piece
Angela Misri, Digital Director
Sheena Rossiter, Senior Digital Producer
Cailin Cooper, Head of Events
Natalie Vineberg, Designer

FINALIST for Best Email Newsletter Design (Consumer)
Angela Misri, Digital Director
Jonah Brunet, Copy Editor
Sheena Rossiter, Senior Digital Producer
Samia Madwar, Managing Editor
Ariella Garmaise, Editorial Assistant

The Walrus Staff