[WATCH] The Walrus Talks at Home: Media Right Now

How youth are disrupting media right now


How youth are disrupting media right now

Digital media has catapulted young voices to the forefront, transforming them into pivotal innovators and influencers. They are absorbing content, shaping conversations, and redefining the media landscape.

The Walrus Talks at Home: Media Right Now highlights this seismic shift, delving into the unique challenges and opportunities the digital-native generation faces in today’s rapidly evolving world. Addressing misinformation and emphasizing media literacy has never been more crucial.

How is social media rewriting the rules of community activism? In what ways is digital storytelling revolutionizing human rights journalism and reporting? Explore how new-age innovators are challenging the status quo, breaking through the barriers of underrepresentation in mainstream media.

Join a compelling conversation that dives into the future of media and emerges with fresh perspectives from the young creators leading this revolution.

Photos of Jennifer Hollett, Spencer Izen, Carol Eugene Park, Nick Parker, and Kierstin Williams


  • Spencer Izen, Legal Researcher, Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
  • Carol Eugene Park, Freelance Writer and Podcast Editor
  • Nick Parker, Associate Producer, CBC News Network Social
  • Kierstin Williams, Indigenous Journalist
  • Moderated by Jennifer Hollett, Executive Director, The Walrus

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