The Walrus Talks at Home: Digital Citizenship

What Does It Mean to Be a Digital Citizen?

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The Walrus Talks at Home: Digital Citizenship. October 26, 7pm ET. Register Today

What Does It Mean to Be a Digital Citizen?

With our digital engagement higher than ever, this is the time to reflect on our online behaviours and assess who has agency across the online landscape. As our relationship with technology and our online relationships with each other continue to evolve, how can we individually and collectively make the digital world better?

The Walrus Talks at Home: Digital Citizenship brings together leaders in the online sphere to share their learnings on power dynamics in our digital systems, the responsibilities of users and tech leaders, the rift between users’ virtual and real lives, the way we nurture positive online community, and the resources available to improve our media literacy.

Join us for this timely conversation about how informed intentional action can foster positive digital exchange.

Photos of Kara Brisson-Boivin, Dr. Beth Coleman, Alexander Dirksen, Cadar Mohamud

Featuring five-minute talks and Q&A with:

  • Kara Brisson-Boivin, Director of Research, MediaSmarts
  • Dr. Beth Coleman, Director of the Black Research Network, Associate Professor of Data and Cities and Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
  • Alexander Dirksen, Community Builder and Writer
  • Cadar Mohamud, Founder and CEO, The Digital Sisterhood

An event on Zoom
Wednesday, October 26, 2022
7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET
Free with registration

Accessibility Information
We strive to be accessible and inclusive. If you require support to be able to fully participate in this event, please contact or (416) 971-5004, ext. 247. Livestream captioning will be available for this event.

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For years, experts have raised the alarm about political polarization. It’s been said the left and right can’t talk to each other. Blame the political climate. Blame the rise of tech platforms and social media algorithms. But we don’t talk enough about the difference in the quality of the information that we receive and share.

As more and more media outlets die and as parts of Canada become “news deserts,” there are two types of citizens emerging: those with access to high-quality, fact-based journalism, like the kind you’ll find in The Walrus, and those without it.

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