Are You a Young Writer or Artist? We Want to Hear from You

The Walrus is looking for writers and artists ages thirteen to eighteen for a special upcoming series

Banner illustration for Teen Walrus project featuring different yellow, pink and green shapes scattered on a lighter yellow background.

The Walrus is seeking young writers and artists for a special upcoming series.

If you are a writer, illustrator, or photographer between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, we want to hear from you!

For article submissions, please send 100–200 words outlining a topic or idea that’s important to you. We don’t need to know the whole story now—just tell us what you want to write about. Whether it’s politics, health, the environment, or the arts, we want to know what’s on your mind.

Here are some things we think it would be cool to read about:

   • Why the voting age should be lowered to sixteen
   • Tuition is becoming more and more expensive. Is a university degree still worth it?
   • Rent keeps going up in big cities—will I ever be able to move out?
   • What it’s like growing up when your entire life has been posted to social media

For illustrators and photographers, please send up to three samples of your work. If accepted, you’ll be matched with a great assignment.

Those selected will be paired with a mentor from The Walrus to produce a piece of paid work.

Submissions close on October 29, and all inquiries can be sent to

The Walrus Staff