Quillcast Video No. 2

David Gee on designing Corey Redekop's Shelf Monkey

David Gee on designing Corey Redekop's Shelf Monkey

Quillcast is a podcast and video series from Quill & Quire featuring behind-the-scenes conversations with authors and publishing insiders.

In the second video of the series*, freelance book designer David Gee discusses the creative process behind one of his favourite covers, Corey Redekop’s debut novel Shelf Monkey (ECW Press).

Gee, who works fulltime as director of creative services at the Toronto International Film Festival, designs books for a variety of clients, including HarperCollins Canada, Penguin Canada, and ECW.

* The Walrus Blog was slow to make the leap from our old website, walrusmagazine.com, to its new home here. While it was offline, we missed cross-posting the first Quillcast video, Ingrid Paulson on designing Emily Schultz’s Heaven Is Small. Alack.

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