Welcome to, the new online home of all things Walrus

Hello, friends. Welcome, strangers. This website you’re visiting is the new online home of the Walrus Foundation, the charitable non-profit organization that publishes Canada’s most-honoured magazine, The Walrus. Here you will find stories from our newest issue* surrounded by the foundation’s many other activities. Watch Walrus TV, listen to the Walrus Podcast, download Walrus Ebooks, check out our national event listings, peruse our digital projects—learn about our mandate and support its goals.

This launch marks the end of one development phase, and the beginning of another. In the months to come, we’ll be adding several features to that were beyond the limits of our old dirty content management system. Follow The Walrus on Twitter and Facebook for announcements of new bells and better whistles as they happen.

There will be bugs. We will seek and destroy them, though we’d be happy to have your help: please report any errors to

Finally, great thanks are due to John Piasetzki, the Toronto web developer who built the back end of this project—and contributed many good ideas to the front. This work would not have been possible without Ryan Chong, the consultant who helped me develop its framework in late 2011, or past and present interns and volunteers including Alan Wu, Alina Konevski, and Daniel Murphy.

* Complete magazine and blog archives will return shortly: we will replace our back issues and posts as we work our way through nine years’ worth of broken links, missing artwork, and faulty HTML. We are keeping our old site,, alive in the meantime.

Matthew McKinnon
Matthew McKinnon (@matthewmckinnon) is an editor, writer, and designer.