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Coming in March 2020

No More Nice Girls cover

Award-winning journalist and author Lauren McKeon examines the ways in which our institutions are designed to keep women and other marginalized genders at a disadvantage, and shows us why we need more than parity, visible diversity, and lone female CEOs to change this power game.

$22.95 CDN

LAUREN MCKEON is the digital editor at The Walrus and the author of F-Bomb: Dispatches from the War on Feminism.

Recently released

Big Lonely Doug

Big Lonely Doug weaves together the ecology of old-growth forests, the legend of the West Coast’s giant trees, the turbulence of the logging industry, the fight for preservation, the contention surrounding ecotourism, First Nations land and resource rights, and the fraught future of these ancient forests—all centred around the story of a logger who saved one of Canada’s last great trees.

$22.95 CDN

HARLEY RUSTAD is an editor at The Walrus. He has reported from India, Nepal, Cuba, and across Canada.

In the Works

Still Life: Art, Ageing, My Father, and Me by Emily Urquhart (Fall 2020)

Tireless Runners: A Family History of Indigenous Canada by Robert Jago (Winter 2021)

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