Understanding Minds and Bodies

The pandemic made many of us look more closely at our physical and mental health

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Understanding Minds and Bodies

It seems like all we’ve been talking about since March 2020 could be put into the category of “health.” As vaccines rolled out and worry about COVID-19 rose and fell (and rose again) over 2021, the ever-present issues of our minds and bodies reasserted themselves in the public discourse.

Mental health care continues to be one of the most popular topics for our audience but so are other issues like medical misdiagnosis and the lack of immigrant representation among health care workers.

These are the conversations we were having this year about how health care is evolving during a global pandemic.

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“Thank you so much to everyone who is reading this piece and sharing their own OCD experiences. Just sitting at my desk crying (but in a good crying way).” – @nerdygirl

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“Thrilled to see that @thewalrus feature on the neuroscience of mental illness—and the innovative work of @wake_sleep and his lab at @CAMHnews—is among Pocket’s five top Walrus magazine stories in 2021.” – @SimonLewsen
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“Thank you @SimonLewsen for taking the time to listen to my story and for allowing me to be vulnerable. Thank you @thewalrus for this platform to share on post-secondary mental health! ❤️ ” – @Sope_Owoaje

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“Today! Make sure to tune into The Conversation Piece podcast from @thewalrus to hear our very own Kim Samuel speak on social isolation and its impact. Out now on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts! #WalrusTalk” – @sconnectedness

The Inequity and Stigma of Mainstream Mental Health
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“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Walrus Talks at Home last week. Check out the clip below from my talk, in this case, on stigma, inequity and mental health.” – @FaeJohnstone

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“”One in five of us may experience mental health challenges, but five in five of us have mental health,” says @Sope_Owoaje. Listen to her full talk from @BrainCanada presents The Walrus Talks at Home: Mental Health” – @thewalrus

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“In my first cover story for @thewalrus,
I wrote about the convenience and opportunity that comes with virtual care. And why this new digital-first approach is may not be working for everyone.” – @carineabouseif
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“Other respirologists I spoke to for the story @thewalrus concur. People shouldn’t accept an asthma diagnosis without a proper test. Even when meds seem to help, the diagnosis should be confirmed. #overdiagnosis #asthma @preventingOdx @eddylang @akecassels @asthmaCanada” – @ReneePellerin

Can Austerity Lead Us to Health Care Sustainability?
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“Health care advocate, @AlikaMD, regularly asks himself the question, “Does what I believe and the assumptions I accept move forward the change I want to see in the world?” #WalrusTalks #LivingBetter” – @thewalrus

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