The DiMaggio Index

Lesser-known facts about Joe DiMaggio, the baseball legend who hit in an unbelievable 56 consecutive games in 1941, a major league record.


Consecutive games in which DiMaggio hit in 1933, his minor-league rookie season: 61
Amount in US dollars of DiMaggio’s monthly salary that season: 225
Amount of DiMaggio’s yearly salary in 1936, his major-league rookie season: 8,500
Amount of DiMaggio’s World Series winner’s check that season: 6,430.55
Amount of DiMaggio’s yearly salary the following season: 17,000
Number of times in his thirteen-year career DiMaggio was named an All-Star: 13
All-Star games in which DiMaggio played: 11
Minutes taken to marry DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe on January 14, 1954: 5
Minutes taken by a judge to grant Monroe a decree commencing divorce proceedings: 8
Duration in days of the DiMaggio-Monroe marriage: 286
Weeks Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” appeared on Billboard charts, in 1968: 13
Position at which the song peaked: 1
Schemes undertaken by DiMaggio with Henry Kissinger to avoid Bill Clinton: 1
DiMaggio’s batting average during his 1941 major-league-record-setting streak: .408
DiMaggio’s average during the twenty games preceding the streak: .194
DiMaggio’s major league career average: .325
Number of games by which the Yankees were out of first place when the streak began: 5.5
Number of games by which the Yankees led their division at the streak’s end: 6
Total number of fans in attendance during the streak’s fifty-six games: 837,284
Total number of men drafted into the US military in 1941: 923,842

Jared Bland, a former Walrus editor, is books editor of the Globe and Mail.

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