1. Briefly describe the anecdote at the beginning of the article.
  2. What is the difference between a peacekeeper and a soldier Why is one Canadian soldier sick of being called a peacekeeper
  3. Prior to 9/11, why would a Canadian commander scoff if he was told he would be fighting in Afghanistan in 2006
  4. What events led to the devastation of Afghanistan
  5. Are young Canadian soldiers seemingly aware of why they are in Afghanistan What are they focused on instead
  6. In your own words, what is President Bush’s goal of “Operation Enduring Freedom, the American-led campaign in Afghanistan”
  7. What role is Canada committed to playing in Afghanistan How will this benefit the US How is this potentially dangerous for Canadians
  8. How is Operation Archer a threat to Canada’s impartial “peace-building” stance What position is Canada moving towards
  9. How is Canada’s military involvement in Afghanistan aimed at maintaining trade relationships with the US
  10. Why did Crétien agree to send troops to Afghanistan
  11. How did 9/11 diminish America’s trust in Canada What does Douglas Bland suggest must be done to repair the damage
  12. General Rick Hiller by-passed traditional military protocol in attaining his position. Explain.
  13. What changes is General Hiller making to the Canadian military Why
  14. Explain “stabilization operations” as detailed in Canada’s 2005 International Policy Statement What are these operations in addition to
  15. Pearson is the icon of Canadian peacekeeping. What are his views on using force to maintain peace Are current Canadian views consistent with their icon
  16. What are PRTs How are PRTs different from “traditional Canadian peacekeeping units”
  17. ” We are not into development for development’s sake.” What does Colonel Steven Bowes mean by this statement
  18. According to, “one top Canadian military official,” what do the Afghan people resent
  19. What are insurgents How do they gain control of local villagers How does the PRT aid these terrorized villagers
  20. According to Lloyd Axworthy, what should the role of the armed forces be How is his view different from the US and current Canadian mandate

Extended Thinking

  1. What role do you think Canada should play in maintaining international peace Build an argument in support of, or in contrast to the opinions of Pearson.
  2. What suggestions can you make to Canadian leaders on ways to maintain and strengthen relationships with the US while allowing Canada to develop it’s military strategy independent of southern influences

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