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The Walrus sparks conversations about Canada and its place in the world. We publish a national magazine ten times per year in print, tablet, and mobile editions, as well as exclusive daily content at As Canada’s most honoured magazine, we attract high-value audiences and premium advertisers such as Rolex, Subaru, TD Bank Group, Gardiner Museum, and Land Rover.

The Walrus is a celebrated Canadian publication featuring unique perspectives that provoke thinking and engagement. At and in our monthly print magazine, we explore issues related to technology, politics, business, the environment, and arts and culture. We attract high-value audiences, offer clients custom-content services across all media platforms, and have extensive experience working with a variety of industries.

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Audience Highlights

Sources: The Strategic Counsel 2014 Reader Survey and Google Analytics 2017.

  • Educated: 49% have a graduate degree
  • Affluent: 40% have a HHI of $100,000+ / 15% have a HHI of $200,000+
  • Female Skew: 55% of subscribers are female
  • Well Informed: 67% read more than 10 books per year
  • Influential: Our subscriber list includes leaders from Canada’s banks, law firms, universities, and hospitals, as well as every MP, Senator, and Minister in Parliament

Total Monthly Reach: 579,000

Sources: Google Analytics and CCBA. Includes duplication across all platforms.

Average Monthly Reach:



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