The Walrus Talks Performance

Full program featuring Naheed Nenshi, David Ben, Will Ferguson, Chief Wilton Littlechild, Clara Hughes, Jay Ingram, and more

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The Walrus Foundation is a registered charitable non-profit (No. 861851624-RR0001) with an educational mandate to create forums for matters vital to Canadians. The foundation is dedicated to supporting writers, artists, ideas, and thought-provoking conversation. We achieve these goals across multiple platforms, publishing The Walrus magazine—which focuses on Canada and its place in the world—ten times a year in print, tablet, and mobile editions; curating and producing the national series of public Walrus Talks; convening annual sector-based leadership dinners; posting original, high-quality content daily at; and designing such digital projects as Walrus Ebooks and Walrus TV. The foundation also trains young professionals in media, publishing, and non-profit development.

  • Alfredo Louro

    How Jay Ingram manages to talk about climate science and not once mention fossil fuel industry propaganda and political financing, and instead blame scientists for not communicating well, is beyond me. It’s worth remembering, though, that his talk was given in Calgary, and prominently sponsored by Enbridge.