Labatt Presents

The Walrus Talks H2O

Edmonton 7:00 p.m. MT, Friday, November 18, 2016

The Walrus Talks is a national series of events about Canada and its place in the world. Each event offers thoughtful, inspiring thinking from scholars, writers, performers, scientists, artists, and business leaders.

Questions about the Walrus Talks? Read our FAQs here.

General admission: $20
Student $12

Royal Alberta Museum
12845 102 Avenue NW


  • Roy MacGregor, columnist & author, The Globe and Mail
  • Caleb Behn, executive director, Keepers Of The Water
  • Robert Sandford, EPCOR Water Security Research Chair, United Nations University Institute for Water Environment and Health
  • Susan R. Eaton, geoscientist, journalist and polar snorkeler
  • Evan Fraser, Canada Research Chair in Global Human Security
  • Suzanne Tank, CAIP Chair in Aquatic Ecosytem Health, University of Alberta
  • Nasra Adem, Edmonton’s Youth Poet Laureate