The MasterCard Foundation Presents

The Walrus Talks Africa's Next Generation (Toronto)

Toronto Wednesday, November 9, 2016


  • Alemayehu Konde Koira, senior program manager, Youth Livelihoods, The MasterCard Foundation
  • Marieme Lo, associate professor, women and gender studies and African studies at New College, University of Toronto
  • Clare Morneau, author of Kakuma Girls and UNHCR Global Youth Ambassador
  • Emmanuel Ochola, medical doctor, clinical epidemiologist and biostatistician
  • Joshua Dzakah, MasterCard Foundation Scholar, University of Toronto
  • Sylvia Mwangi, MasterCard Foundation Scholar, University of Toronto
  • Agazi Afewerki, co-founder, Youth Empowering Parents
  • Lekan Olawoye, program director, Studio Y, MaRS
  • Naki Osutei, co-founder, DiverseCity Fellows

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The Walrus Talks is a national series of events produced by the Walrus Foundation. Each event offers thoughtful, inspiring thinking from scholars, writers, performers, scientists, artists, and business leaders.