The Walrus Podcast

#49: Because of Billie

“The shoulders I stand on are broad and strong, full of history and courage and love. How about you? Whose shoulders are you standing on? ”

#48: Turning Adversity into Social Change

“I quickly realized that once somebody discloses trauma—sexual abuse, whatever it might be—that’s not the end of it. It took me ten years to get to a place to be able to discuss solutions.” From The Walrus Talks Philanthropy, recorded in Calgary on September 16, 2014

#47: Time for Bed

“Teenagers who go to a normally programmed high school have significantly more car accidents than teenagers who don’t because we’re basically getting them to wake up in the middle of the night and go to school.” Katherine Ashenburg discusses the chronic problem of underslept kids

#46: Minding the Monster

Ed Tubb talks about troubling cuts to one of the most successful criminal reintegration programs in Canadian history—and what is likely to become of pedophiles as it recedes

#45: Rise of the Gender Novel

Casey Plett discusses a new and flawed literary trope: cisgender authors writing trans characters as tortured heroes

#44: Cultural Community

Gabrielle Scrimshaw explains how gatherings keep connections to land and people strong. From The Walrus Talks Resilience, recorded in Toronto on October 8, 2014

#43: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

“If I can work on this as much as possible, so it will be easier for future generations to deal with, I’ll do that—willingly.” Audio documentarian Lauren Crazybull and illustrator Evan Munday discuss a Canadian epidemic of crime and heartbreak

#42: That’s What the Girls Are Saying

“As a journalist, I knew I’d struck gold with this conversation . . . as a woman, I knew I’d made new friends.” Sally Armstrong talks about life in Afghanistan before 9/11. From The Walrus Talks: the Art of Conversation, recorded in Sackville on October 16, 2014

#41: Feeling Better

“I was able to eat again. I was able to interact with my family again. I was able to smile again.” Emily Landau ponders her identity after two decades on antidepressants

#40: What’s the Use?

“I’m not even here.” Jonathan Goldstein talks about existential futility. From The Walrus Talks Vice, recorded in Calgary on January 29, 2015

#39: On Trial for Rape

“They both lied to police. That became clear fairly early on.” Investigative reporter and private eye Ann Brocklehurst reflects on her exclusive courtroom series for

#38: Mothers and Daughters

Lisa Moore talks about trust and female desire. From The Walrus Talks: The Art of Conversation, recorded in Sackville on October 16, 2014